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An award-winning team of landscape designers and builders that are dedicated to deliver clean, livable style and quality.

SULISO designs sustainable living solutions for residences, corporations, business, academia, and government. Our design projects range from drought-tolerant xeriscaping and water conscious gardens to full-scale living wall and green roof design. We help our clients meet their sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) platforms for their businesses and local water restrictions at home.

SULISO’s designs focus on native plants and water reuse. Whether it is a backyard garden redesign, neighborhood communal space, or corporate campus sustainability plan, SULISO can facilitate your vision.

With prior experience in landscape build and construction, we are happy to help you find the right contractor when implementing our final design. We want to keep the relationship going throughout the build process – the completed vision is the best part!

Bruce Oliver is very easy to work with. He listens to ideas and offers suggestions that make sense and is sensitive to environmental needs. Working in Laguna Beach can be very challenging with the city codes and Bruce has worked closely with them. I have also hired him to be my project manager as I am doing a full renovation of a house as well as landscaping and a pool design.